Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Truth is One, though the sages know it variously."

You know how an orchestra sounds when they're tuning up?

The different sections and players are tuning their instruments and the overall sound is unmelodious and confused.  It's not quite unpleasant but it's not music.

Eventually they settle down and prepare to play together and when they begin each section and player has their own part to play that contributes to the whole.

I view the different religions as the various sections in an orchestra.

So far in history everyone has been tuning up and the resulting cacophony has assaulted our reason and feelings for centuries.

I think very soon the younger folk (and the more open-of-heart older folk) of all the religions will begin to reject the mutual exclusivity of their traditions and live up to the universal love and peace expressed in and central to all of them.

What a wonderful music that would be.

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