Thursday, February 14, 2013

"You Can Be What You Won't"

I realized I can state my case succinctly and directly because you and I are sentient: you're at least as intelligent and moral as I, and you are self-reflective and exercise some volitional control over your emotional responses, yes?

So:  I will never deliberately harm you or yours, nor do I expect that you would ever seek to harm me or mine.

If ever our interests were to conflict we, being two sentient beings committed to peace and capable of reasonable discourse, would come together and find some reasonable compromise.

Further, if that were somehow impossible I expect we would engage in that polite rivalry proper to sentient beings as to who would be privileged to make the greater sacrifice for whom.

Real humans, sentient humans, aren't mean or even inconsiderate to each other.  They don't fight because fighting is futile.

Above a certain level of intelligence conflict ceases.

And humans are above that level.

That is why I give people such a hard time about being such asshats: I know they could be better than they are.

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