Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carrying Things Through the Atmosphere (this is not a Laden Swallow Joke)

If you want to carry things through the atmosphere you need to be light and have a great deal of resistance to air vertically while having little resistance to air horizontally.

Create three kinds of components:
  1. Sails - equilateral triangles of lightweight material.
  2. Tethers - long bits of light, strong line or rope.
  3. Struts - hollow tubes containing controls and sensors, as well as some way of controlling air pressure, preferably using the Magnus effect but it could be propellers or fans.
  1. Build feed lines to construct and feed components to an assembly area at the rate of three struts, three tethers and two sails per time unit.
  2. The struts are placed into a jig that holds them in the correct arrangement.
  3. Sails and tethers are clipped onto the struts forming a triangular tensgresity prism.
  4. The electronics are activated and perform self-test, on green light the kite is launched directly into operational service. It will not touch the ground during its operational lifetime.
  1. The kite-swarm can link together to create kites of great size and lifting capability.
  2. Individual long tethers from each kite are clustered and attached to loads in distributed placement.
  3. There is no theoretical limit to the size of the kite, and therefore the size of the load that may be lifted. Physical limits apply.

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